WELCOME to ALL ACCESS: MAKEUP!  For all occasions:  Wedding, Bachelorette Party, Mother+Daughter Event, Education Seminar, Girls Night Out or Private Consultation, I can solve all of your makeup wants and needs! With over 12 years' experience as a makeup artist and educator in NYC, LA and Nashville, I'm passionate about making women look their best...  I look forward to working with your beautiful face 




I'm so excited for you! I remember mine, and like you, I wanted to feel the best I ever have on that day!  WE CAN MAKE THAT HAPPEN.

If you desire a natural look or a super glamorous look; all can be achieved!  I have worked with brides, mother of the bride, and their bridal parties all over the country. Together we can create the wedding day look you have always dreamed of.having.


Starting off Right

Does your Teenager want to start wearing makeup and you want to guide her in the right direction? Are you a teenager yourself and have been begging your mom to wear makeup and want help showing her you can look natural and beautiful?  Just call me the makeup mediator. I love to help empower girls in acheiveing a look that both she and her mom can be proud of! You can even grab your friends and we can make it an event!


time to learn 

You don't know the first thing about makeup or how to wear it? Do you want tips and tricks for a great start!? Or are you already a makeup fanatic but realize that it's a never ending world of discovery? Do you want to learn different techniques or color schemes?  I love to teach!!  As a prior education director of Sephora and professional makeup artist I can consult you on all things makeup and makeup application!



Do you have a big event ahead or a really special occasion coming up? From the CMA's, Prom, New Year's, Class Reunion, or a Big Date, treating yourself to get your makeup done will sure knock everyone's socks off when you walk into the room! We'll customize a look depending on the occasion, and you will leave feeling like a million bucks!


Beauty is Fun

Are you throwing an event? I specialize in beauty seminars, mother daughter events, bachelorette parties or a different kind of girls night out.  Makeup is fun! Learning something new along the way makes for an even better time.  I customize parties depending on what kind of group and size of party.  Allow me to teach, play and provide a different kind of entertainment for your next event!


New Year, NEW YOU 

Have you been wanting to change your look but don't know where to begin? Is it a new chapter in your life and you want a fresh start? I'm here for you! A private consultation in your home is exactly what you need.  We can go over everything you want the new you to be, and allow me to exceed your expectations on starting your next journey!

Please contact me for all inquiries and pricing for services