Yes yoga, everyone is doing it right? Well I believe it's not a fad it's not a craze it is a way of life. Yoga is a journey that can bring incredible peace to your mind, body and soul, not to mention health and fitness! I found my love for yoga in the mayhem of New York City. I was part of the "rat race" and knew that I would drive myself to insanity if I didn't find BALANCE.


That is what I believe yoga is; the art of finding balance within your life! It wasn't until I moved to Nashville, TN that I knew I would train to be a 300 RYT instructor. Vinyasa, Hot Yoga, meditation, chakra work, pre-natal and PTSD, are all things I've been trained in.


If you are new to yoga and want to see what it can do for your life, or you already know the basics and want to further develop your practice I encourage you take the steps in letting me guide you.  Sessions can be held privately in your home or setting of your choice. Yoga events also can be designed to accommodate large parties.


It's always an honor to be able to teach and help you in any way I can.









Please contact me for all inquiries and pricing for services